Sally Mae: The Revenge of the Twin Dragons: Part 1 [AdultTime]


In the aftermath of the events of Sweet Sally Mae, Detective Stone (Cali Caliente) arrives at a crime scene to find two victims under white sheets. She asks one of the officers to give her the skinny on what went down here. The officer shakes his head warily, explaining that the two victims are from the Blackground Family, with one of them being Miss Jane. This is an act that won’t go unpunished- and not only from the police. Shit’s about the hit the fan in an all-out gang war if they don’t solve this quickly. Luckily for Detective Stone, there’s a piece of evidence at the scene: a towel with the name S. Mae inscribed on it. Meanwhile, in a darkly lit office, the boss of the Blackground family, Gabriel, sits in the shadows. We don’t see his face, and even if we could, he’d be too intimidating to look at. Another man walks in and nervously tells the boss the news: Miss Jane has met her untimely end tonight. The man is revealed to be Miss Jane’s husband, and he pleads with the boss for revenge. The boss has his guards usher the man out, and then vows to take a little ‘trip’ to the City of Angels himself. Later that night, the one and only Sally Mae (Ana Foxxx) exits her apartment only to spot a shadowy figure approaching her from the alley. It turns out to be the late Trevor’s sibling, Isiah, which surprises Sally since they look so much alike. Isiah’s here to help Sally- she’s in hot water and she’s gonna need all the help she can get. Every single no-good down-on-their-luck crook is out to get her after what she did, and there’s a one-million-dollar bounty on her head! Sally agrees to the help but warns Isiah that if he’s lying to her, he’ll be the first one to meet her fury. At the police station, Detective Polly (Misty Stone) comes up to Detective Stone with a very interesting proposition. What if instead of phoning it in, they went to find Sally Mae and turned her in for the bounty instead? Stone is taken aback, wouldn’t that mean they’d need to get their hands dirty? Polly smiles- it ain’t nothing she can’t take care of! Besides, they’ve been allies to Gabriel and the Blackground family for this long, why not help them out now as a token of good faith? Stone seems hesitant, but when Polly sidles up close to her and whispers sweet nothings in her ear, Stone becomes putty in Polly’s manicured hands. They have sex on Stone’s desk. Luckily for them, there are no other cops in sight.

Date: November 10, 2022

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